Carrying more cash than you're used can make even the most seasoned traveler feel a bit jittery.

When exploring a new city with cash and valuables on your person, or even if leaving expensive items behind in your hotel room, consider these smart ideas for keeping your possessions safe.

The Best Places to Hide Cash and Valuables When Traveling

Slim Security Belts

When you don’t want to carry a bag or add extra bulk to your person, opt for a security belt to keep your money safe. You'll be surprised by how much these belts can hold. One of my favorites is this one from JASGOOD, stylish and still under $10. Another great pick, this Yoder leather belt won't make you look like a tourist.

Belt with secret zipper pouch for hiding money

Stash the Cash

Never keep all your money in one place. Try to keep a few bucks in your pocket, bag, and wallet just in case one is targeted. It’s also wise to leave your documents and other valuables in your hotel safe when possible and carry only copies of your passport with you. Paper or digital copies stored on your phone will do just fine.

Disguised Items

Worried about your passport or cash left behind in the room? Maybe your jewelry? If you don’t want to use the hotel safe,, or maybe you’re staying in an Airbnb or hostel, disguised items are a great way to hide your valuables. They come in all types, from energy drink cans to brushes, and even plain water bottles. These items look like the real thing and go unnoticed by burglars.

Belt Bags and Waist Bags

A slim belt may be too small, and a fanny pack may just be too much bag for you. If you want something in the middle, go for a money belt. Most of these have enough space for your passport and cash without taking up too much space. Many are slim enough to also sit close to your person and can be easily covered up by your clothing. When investing in a money belt, choose one with RFID for more protection like this one from Venture 4th. They also have a neck version as well.

Keep It in Your Shoes

When traveling, try to keep a bit of money in your shoes and socks. I wouldn’t suggest putting all of it there, but you'd be wise to stash a bit for any emergencies that may arise. This is an especially useful for party-prone travelers. If you lose your wallet, or just spend more cash than anticipated, you’ll still have a bit left a cab back to your hotel or hostel.

Smartphone Wallets

Some of us treasure our phones more than our wallets, and phones can also be stolen. Try to cover it up with a phone wallet that doesn’t add too much bulk to your phone like these. If you want something a bit larger, there are many leather wallets on the market too.

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