Fly to destinations all across China in style with Skytrax five-star rated Hainan Airline's Summer Sale. Flights departing from the carrier's U.S. gateways to multiple Chinese cities are starting as low as $316 roundtrip.

Travel Availability

Travel at these sale prices between September 1 and March 28, 2020. Since Hainan doesn't operate every route daily and shifts schedules by season, departure days will vary by route. A 3-day minimum stay is required.

Sale Period

Tickets must be purchased by Tuesday, July 16, 2019.

Many third-party booking and search sites are listing prices higher than the official sale rate, so make sure to book these tickets directly on the Hainan website to find the listed prices below.

Sample Sale Fares:

Los Angeles to Shanghai $316 roundtrip - unadvertised

Los Angeles to Beijing $316 roundtrip - unadvertised

New York-JFK  to Beijing $398 roundtrip - unadvertised

Las Vegas to Beijing $450 roundtrip, nonstop

Seattle to Shanghai $466 roundtrip, nonstop

Seattle to Beijing $466 roundtrip, nonstop

San Jose to Beijing $466 roundtrip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Chengdu $475 roundtrip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Chongqing $475 roundtrip, nonstop

Chicago-ORD to Beijing $483 roundtrip, nonstop

Chicago-ORD to Chengdu $483 roundtrip, nonstop

Chicago-ORD to Chongqing $483 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Changsha $491 roundtrip, nonstop

Los Angeles to Xi'an $491 roundtrip, nonstop

Boston to Shanghai $580 roundtrip, nonstop

Boston to Beijing $580 roundtrip, nonstop

Boston to Chongqing $594 roundtrip

New York-JFK  to Chengdu $653 roundtrip, nonstop

New York-JFK to Chongqing $653 roundtrip, nonstop

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These fares include a carry-on bag, a personal item, and two free checked bags.

Seat Assignments

Standard advanced seat selection is included.

Alternate Fares

These are often the cheapest options on these routes, you may find lower prices on itineraries with a stopover, Often these stopovers can be extended or require an overnight so weigh the savings before ticketing the cheaper flights.

Example Booking

Searching Hainan's website, I found seats departing Chicago ORD on Tuesday, October 15, with a return flight from Chengdu CTU on Friday, October 25, 2019, for $483 roundtrip.

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