No matter where you fall on the Marie Kondo scale of personal organization, there’s always some level of difficulty in keeping your belongings neat and tidy for the duration of any trip.

So, what’s the best way to keep it together while out and about? For starters, make sure you pack as efficiently as possible. If that doesn’t fall under your skillset, let your bags and accessories do most of the work.

Easy Ways to Organize Your Suitcase

Below are some of our top travel items to help stay organized while traveling. Have a tip you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments.

Packing cube set travel case

AmazonBasics 4-Piece Packing Cube Set

Keep everything in its place with a set of packing cubes. Some sets run on the pricy side but these cubes from AmazonBasics are actually very affordable. The set includes 4 cubes, perfect for using in one large bag or breaking up into two small bags. Pro-tip, if you don’t have time to wash your clothes before returning home—keep your clean and dirty clothes separated with the cubes. The cubes also have great ventilation for keeping your shoes in check.

Amazon User Review: I used these on a recent trip to Scandinavia and they helped me keep my backpack nicely organized. The cubes are really floppy but they'll take shape as you fill them. I liked that I could fold them or squish them into my pack after filling them.

Price: Starting at $23 on Amazon

Travel garment bag packable wrinklefree shirt packing

PRO Packing Professional Travel Garment Folder

Can’t show up wrinkled? Keep your clothes neat and wrinkle-free with a garment folder. This garment folder is ultra-light without sacrificing durability. The folder will help you pack faster, fold easier, and keep all of your garments from creasing into one another.

Amazon User Review: My first trip using packing cubes and this garment folder - can't believe it took me so long to discover them! Smart, fast way to pack; clothes stay put and the slight compression makes more room in your suitcase.

Price: Starting at $22 on Amazon

large toiletry bag organizer travel

Buruis Extra Large Toiletry Bag

With multiple upright mesh compartments with zippers to keep your items organized, this bag is big enough to split with friends and family traveling together. Best of all, its hanger makes for easy storage in hotel closets or bathrooms.

Amazon User Review: Perfect for my medications and toiletries while visiting family over the holidays. Well-made and durable. Color and size matched the description. Much more useful than the long, flat door toiletry holders as those pockets tend to be small and the zippers break.

Price: Starting at $24 on Amazon

purse organizer inlay travel

Felt Purse Handbag Tote Organizer Insert

Keep your tote or large purse organized with this insert. The felt insert keeps your personal items in dedicated pockets and prevent them from vanishing into the abyss of your bag. Besides keeping things organized, the insert can also protect your designer bags from damage from spills or leaks.

Amazon User Review: The organizer was snug enough to shape the bag but still allows you to maintain a carefree look. It is short enough that you can still easily access the pocket of the bag. I went with this organizer as opposed to others because of the size of the pockets and the bottle holder.

Price: Starting at $19 on Amazon

travel tech organizer

UBM Cable Bag/USB Drive Shuttle Case

Love to travel with your gadgets? Keep all the cords untangled and organized with this electronics organizer from BUBM. The case is made of heavy-duty water proof nylon. Zippers and straps keep your items secured on the go. Plus, this bag comes with a 1-year warranty.

Amazon User Review: This case is perfect. I am a National Guard officer and carry around a lot of electronics and that means a lot of cables. This organizes them all. I keep headphones, USB cables, charging block, a hard drive, a CAC reader, thumb drives, and a ZeroLemon phone a Galaxy Tab 2v in this case.

Price: Starting at $12 on Amazon

Jewelry storage travel kit

BAGSMART Travel Jewelry Storage Cases

Avoid losing your jewelry while traveling with this storage case from BAGSMART. The case has slots for all your valuables including ring slots, necklace shots, and pockets for earrings.

Amazon User Review: Really beautiful, and well made, it has gold zipper which looks luxurious, it is also bigger than I expected so it fits many of my accessories, Thanks Amazon for a prompt delivery since I will travel soon and take it.

Price: Starting at $20 on Amazon

Travel envelopes toiletry bags

Travelon Set of 7 Packing Envelopes

These water-resistant envelopes keep your items secure and dry while traveling. They are perfect for organizing any of your smaller easy-to-lose items such as medications and documents.

Amazon User Review: I love these bags for organizing my purse. There is a perfect size for each category of my items; cosmetics, pens, electronic accessories, checkbook, large papers, etc.

Price: Starting at $16 on Amazon

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