Before you head off ill-prepared into the tundra (be it an outdoor restaurant or a winter adventure), add these winterproof necessities to your bag.

Keep Warm by Packing These Items for Winter Trips

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

For anyone with constantly cold extremities, the Letouch rechargeable hand warmer is a must-pack lifesaver. The hand warmer is fully electronic and easily changeable. Best of all? It doubles as a portable charger for your smartphone.

Amazon User Review: “ This little handwarmer does more than keep your hands warm, but can also help charge your phone in a pinch. Just turn it on and it starts to warm up. All the cables and adapters are included. They work much better than the old charcoal pouches that never really heated up for your gloves..”

Price: Starting at $19 on Amazon

Thermal Shirt for Travel

Layer with Thermals

Exploring a new city on foot is nearly impossible in winter without gearing up in a pair of warm thermals. This is a case of function over fashion, so who cares what they look like, unless you plan on lounging around apres-ski with a special someone.

Amazon User Review: I love these thermal shirts. For me, they are multipurpose. I wear them around the house to lounge in and they are very comfortable. For work I wear them under my uniform for an extra layer when it's cold.

Price: Starting at $10 on Amazon

Winter Cashmere Scarf Shawl for Travel

Extra Large Cashmere Scarf

This scarf from RanRui is a 100% cashmere and can transform from a nice winter scarf to a large shawl. Great for keeping warm on a chilly flight or dressing up a cute winter outfit for a night out.

Amazon User Review: The scarf/shawl was beautiful! It is beyond what I expected. Very good quality & soft; what you want in a good cashmere accessory. I recommend this scarf to everyone as it's so versatile.

Price: Starting at $38 on Amazon

Waterproof Weatherproof Backpack for Travel

Weatherproof Personal Item Bags

Keep your belongings safe and dry from sleet and snow with a weather-resistant carry-call. My favorite is this backpack from Pelican. It has a durable water-resistant coated outer shell and a lifetime warranty.

Amazon User Review: “Well made, Waterproof, durable material, comfortable straps.”

Price: Starting at $128 on Amazon

Spinners with Traction

Confession time. I was a chronic buyer of cheap luggage and suffered a string of broken wheels and other bag disasters that could have been avoided if only I had invested in something a little nicer. If you’re looking to step up your luggage game and want something durable, I recommend the Barcelona from Traveler’s Choice. This spinner has dual cyclone wheels for traction and stability.

Amazon User Review: “Once we figured out how to open it, it’s amazing. There should be instructions though on how to open it up for the first time.”

Price: Starting at $168 on Amazon

Waterproof Phone Bag Case Swimming Snow Skiing

Dry Bags for Phones

Putting your phone in a waterproof or dry bag when swimming at Reykjavik’s Blue Lagoon is a given, but you should also do it when participating in any and all winter sports. A waterproof bag like this one from JOTO can keep your phone secure and safe from snow if you drop it.

Amazon User Review: “This Waterproof case is amazing.

Price: Starting at $6.90 on Amazon

Travel Portable Humidifier

Portable Humidifier

My biggest issue with winter is having to deal with dry air from heaters and radiators. Try to pack a portable humidifier to keep the air in your room moist and prevent you from getting sick.

Amazon User Review: “I like how streamlined the unit is. It fits easily on my nightstand and on my desk. Also, I like the gentle sounds the unit makes. It lulls me to sleep with its white noise- water feature.”

Price: Starting at $30 on Amazon

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