Q.  I think there is a lot wrong with the way airlines treat customers today.  We get delayed, overbooked flights, baggage fees, and false advertising.  I have some great ideas to help solve these problems, but will anyone really listen to me?  I'm just a small town everyday normal citizen.  I wish I was the one in charge of regulating the airlines.

A.  Actually, your voice can be heard.  The New York Times posted an article stating that the D.O.T. is working along with Cornell university to help ordinary citizens share their opinions on the recent proposals for new airline regulations or any other concerns.  So, have at it.  Go let the big dogs know how you feel about how the airlines are treating the general public and what you think would work to solve the problems.  Who knows?  Maybe your idea will lead to some real action in the Airline Passenger's Bil of Rights.

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