Q. You may have already covered this topic, but here it goes. I will be taking my annual trip to Europe this fall and I'm concerned about flight cancelations due to the volcano eruptions. Is there a flight insurance or any type of insurance that covers hotel, laundry, meals etc. for brief or extended delays?

A. We did cover it, but the dang thing keeps blowing, and other folks have asked, so let's revisit this one. The answer is that standard travel insurance won't cover cancellations due to the volcano, since it's already a known hazard; however, anyone can buy "cancel for any reason" insurance and simply state that they have changed their mind and don't want to embark on their trip (this applies obviously before leaving for Europe); however, this insurance is considerably more expensive than standard policies; and cancellations typically must be made 48 hours or more in advance; there are other restrictions in the fine print as well, but this type of insurance may be better than nothing.

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