Q. Two weeks ago on a Saturday, United offered a round-trip, nonstop flight from Denver to Boston for $199.  I didn't book because I've always been told to never book airline tickets on the weekend. Now of course the fare has gone way up. What are the chances of the fare dropping once again anytime soon?

A. Who says not to buy on a weekend? Actually, we think the weekend can often be the best time to find sales. Many sneak sales are launched on weekends, when the airlines can only update their fares once a day, and competitors must wait for the 5pm mark to match another airline's sale. So don't forget to check in with Airfarewatchdog on weekends, and sign up for daily alerts! 

As for that Denver/Boston fare, this is a route that goes on sale quite frequently, so chances something great will come along soon. And if you're flexible, and can travel midweek, we've found a fare of $178 round-trip, plus tax, nonstop, through mid June, available on JetBlue!

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