The only remaining non-low-cost carrier left, Hawaiian Airlines has fallen in line with new industry rates regarding checked luggage for economy flyers.

Flights between the islands and North America will see an increase of $5 for the first piece – now $30 one-way and the second piece upped to $40 one-way. Heavy packers needing a third bag or more will see no change as the $100 one-way rate will the same. The new policy generally reflects what all other major full-service U.S. based airlines (outside of Southwest) have decided is the proper price point for domestic baggage.

On the bright side, Hawaiian will maintain its baggage pricing on inter-island flights, and members of the HawaiianMiles program will still receive a discount on flights between airports in the 50th state. International baggage prices will also remain unchanged, allowing for two pieces free of charge.

These unfriendly fees kicked off when JetBlue sprung them on consumers in August, quickly followed by the three major legacy carriers, Delta, American, and United. Alaska raised bags fees in October, but gave fair warning to consumers unlike this recent move by Hawaiian.

Hawaiian's new policy went into effect immediately earlier this week, so flights booked from here on out will be subject to the increased fees. Hopefully, you've already booked your holiday travel on  to avoid the new prices.

Of course, on Southwest two bags still fly free, so you may want to direct your attention to them when they finally begin their much hyped introduction to the Hawaiian market, slated for...sometime soon, maybe?

Another option to skirt around the new baggage fee increases is to sign up for a co-branded airline credit card that will waive the cost of checked luggage.

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