TripAdvisor has long been an invaluable resource for travelers, and today the world’s largest travel site is going social.

With your new TripAdvisor profile, you can connect with friends, follow travel experts, as well as media channels, for more personalized recommendations that are relevant to your interests.

Wanna share your own great tips for Sicily? Create and save your very own Trip guide with info on your favorite Palermo hotel, the gelato stand you loved in Taormina, and any other details you want to share with your followers.

Share your trip pics, videos, reviews, and save Trip guides in your personal travel feed. Plan trips for yourself or collaboratively with friends and family.

You’ll find Airfarewatchdog on TripAdvisor, sharing our favorite Trip guides, tips, and travel advice, and we look forward to reading your travel tips and pics. Connect with us here.

Intro image by Epic Stock Media via Shutterstock

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