The holiday season is less than two months away. Planning to travel this season? Get the most out of your luggage and avoid any extra fees by packing as efficiently as possible.

How to Pack for the Holidays

Check out my top holiday packing hacks, listed below. Share your own packing tips in the comments section.

Don’t Waste on Travel Sizes

Avoid buying travel sized versions of your favorite toiletries. Travel sized toiletries are usually marked up and a waste of money. It’s cheaper to just buy reusable bottles. Make sure to also follow the 3-1-1 rule and put your toiletries in a Ziploc or small bag.

Keep Calm and Carry-on

If you plan to take a short trip home, try packing everything in a carry-on, and simultaneously dodge checked baggage fees. Try to also pack an outfit or two in your backpack. You may be surprised by how much you can fit in. Try using space bags to maximize the space.

Use the Right Bag

Utilize all the available space in your bag so you can avoid having to bring an extra bag. When choosing which bag you want to count as your personal item, try to go for a backpack over a small bag. You can fit more in a backpack and it will stuff easily under your seat.

Roll it Up, Roll it Up

Fit more clothes in your baggage by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This works for your backpack, personal item and carry-on, as well as your checked bags.

Fill Your Shoes

Take advantage of all the space in your suitcases. Pack socks or smaller items into your shoes. You would be surprised just how much you can fit into a pair of shoes. Also make sure to take advantage of all your pockets. If you’re without proper shoe bags and are worried about your items touching your shoes, pack them in Ziploc bags.

Organize with Cubes

Keeping your luggage organized can help with utilizing all of the space in your suitcase. Try using packing cubes and organizing your items within the cubes to get the most space out of your luggage. Pro-tip: if I’m rushing on my trip and don’t have time to wash clothes—I like to have a cube for my dirty clothes so they aren’t mixing with clean or new clothes I’ve purchased on my trip.

Hit the Scales

Imagine following all the steps above to avoid having to pay for extra baggage, but your baggage is somehow too heavy. Make sure to test it yourself with a luggage scale before you head to the airport. Sometimes the overweight fees can be about the same if not more than another checked bag fee.

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