As expected, American Airlines today announced an increase in checked baggage fees, following recent hikes by other major U.S. carriers.

Passengers will now pay $30 instead of $25 for checking the first bag, and $40 instead of $35 for a second bag. These new fees will apply to all tickets purchased tomorrow, September 21, and onward.

The news comes just one day after Delta raised its baggage fees in response to increases from both United and JetBlue the previous week.

It's not all doom and gloom at the airport these days. As mentioned earlier, both Alaska and Hawaiian still only charge $25 for first checked bags, at least currently.

Heavy packers—and anyone else over being nickel and dimed—may want to consider booking future travel with Southwest, who famously allows two free bags, along with other consumer-friendly policies regarding ticket changes and rebookings.

While the bag fee increase is a bummer, American did do right by budget travelers earlier this month when they scrapped the ban on carry on bags for basic economy passengers. You win some, you lose some. 

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