In a surprise move, the ultra-low-cost carrier happy to charge extra fees for just about everything has eliminated change fees for changes made far in advance.

Update: For tickets purchased on or after September 13, 2019, Frontier has changed this policy. There are no change fees 60 days or more before departure; $79 fee for changes made between 59 to 14 days prior to departure; $119 fee for changes made 13 days or less prior to departure.

For tickets purchased prioro to September 13, 2019, the following change fee policy still applies.

Frontier Eliminates Change Fees for Advanced Notice Changes

Although Frontier is not eliminating change fees completely for close-in changes, this sets the airline apart from other airlines who charge upwards of a $200 fee, on top of any fare difference, just to change plans.

As long as changes are made at least 90 days in advance of departure, there will no longer be a change fee charged by Frontier. Any difference in airfare will still apply. This still requires quite a bit of advanced notice, but it is a nice perk for those who want to book a low fare on Frontier well in advance and not worry about extra fees if plans change.

What if you need to change plans within three months of travel on Frontier?

There will still be a fee for changes made within three months, but Frontier has slashed this fee in half to just $49 if you make changes between 14 and 90 days in advance of departure. If you need to make changes 13 days or less in advance of departure, the change fee will remain at $99.

However, there is still a way to always have no change fees on Frontier and it also allows you to get a refund if your plans change. By purchasing the Works bundle during booking on, your airfare will be refundable and have no change fees if plans change. This bundle also includes one checked bag, a standard carry-on bag, and seat selection (including stretch seating). The cost of the works bundle varies by route and dates and can sometimes be quite a bit more than your actual airfare, but it is a great value if you like to have flexibility and sufficient baggage allowance.

For more tips and useful information about flying Frontier Airlines, check out our guide on Everything You Need to Know Before You Fly Frontier.

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