Frontier Airlines continues to add new routes. Last week, Frontier announced its plans to return to Tucson. Yesterday, Frontier announced a brand new city, Sarasota, and also scheduled a return to Fort Lauderdale. In addition, plenty of new nonstop routes to and from Florida and elsewhere around the US were added. Over 50 Routes (counting both directions) have been added since last week, including three new routes to Punta Cana.

New Service on Frontier for Sarasota, Tucson, and Over 50 Routes

Most of the new routes will begin in November, while new Sarasota service begins in December, and new Punta Cana service begins in January. Frontier continues the trend of starting limited nonstop service from underserved markets. The airline often pulls out of markets quickly (and quietly) if the route does not perform well, so get in on these great prices while you can. Most of these routes are currently scheduled for seasonal service.

As with most of Frontier's routes, service is very limited and flights are only flown a few times each week. Be sure to click on the fare details for specifics on when these new routes begin and what days of the week these fares are available. I've included the days of the week each route will operate, but the lowest available fare may only be available for mid-week travel. Fares will be higher for peak holiday travel.

New nonstop service on Frontier Airlines starting in November

Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays / Saturdays, starting November 7.

Denver to Tucson $297 roundtrip

Daily service starting November 15.

New York to Orlando $97 roundtrip

Sundays / Tuesdays / Thursdays, starting November 15.

Charlotte to Tampa $95 roundtrip

Cleveland to West Palm Beach $117 roundtrip

St. Louis to West Palm Beach $117 roundtrip

Grand Rapids to Tampa $117 roundtrip

Syracuse to Tampa $117 roundtrip

Syracuse to Fort Myers $127 roundtrip

Porland, ME to Tampa $137 roundtrip

Phoenix to Fort Myers $157 roundtrip

Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays / Saturdays, starting November 16.

Long Island-Islip to Fort Lauderdale $117 roundtrip

Trenton to Fort Lauderdale $117 roundtrip

Mondays / Fridays, starting November 16.

Greenville to Tampa $72 roundtrip

Columbus to West Palm Beach $97 roundtrip

Grand Rapids to Phoenix $137 roundtrip

Salt Lake City to Fort Myers $147 roundtrip

Portland, ME to Fort Myers $147 roundtrip

Wednesdays / Saturdays, starting November 17.

Pittsburgh to West Palm Beach $97 roundtrip

Norfolk to Tampa $97 roundtrip

Omaha to Fort Myers $117 roundtrip

Albany to Fort Myers $127 roundtrip

Las Vegas to Fort Myers $137 roundtrip

Madison to Phoenix $137 roundtrip

Norfolk to Phoenix $137 roundtrip

New nonstop service on Frontier Airlines starting in December and January

Mondays / Fridays, starting December 10.

Cleveland to Sarasota $97 roundtrip

Mondays / Wednesdays / Saturdays, starting January 5.

St. Louis to Punta Cana $674 roundtrip

Sundays / Tuesdays / Thursdays, starting January 6.

Cleveland to Punta Cana $634 roundtrip

Fridays starting January 11.

Cincinnati to Punta Cana $634 roundtrip

All domestic fares work in reverse as well. These are the current lowest available fares at time of posting, but the prices are subject to change at any time.

Keep in mind that Frontier charges extra for any bags larger than a small personal item (small backpack, purse, etc.). Pack super light to get the lowest price. Checked bag fees start at $25 each way. Larger carry-on bag fees start at $30 each way.

Frontier's booking schedule is now available through February 13, 2019. Check out what prices are being offered for your holiday travel plans.

Header image courtesy of Frontier.

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