The traditional vacation typically entailed a week away to decompress and reconnect. That’s not the case today. With more airline deals, work-from-anywhere flexibility, and let’s not forget…pressure to fill Instagram feeds with envy-inducing photos, more people are opting to hit the road (and skies) more often.

Goodbye Traditional Weeklong Vacations, Hello Weekend Travel

Airfarewatchdog surveyed 4,400 travelers for its Weekend Travel Outlook and most agree short trips are the way to go. More than half (57%) state they would prefer to take multiple long weekend trips instead of one long vacation over the course of a year.

Last Minute Trips Are on the Rise

Almost half of the travelers polled (44%) are willing to wait until the very last minute—a week or less in advance—to book a flight. This mentality is perfect for scoring last minute deals on flights and hotels for long weekend vacations. When it comes to booking a last minute trip, more than half (50%) state that a great airfare deal is their main driver. Travelers also want to save on flights and accommodations so they can have fun while on vacation, with 50% saying they prefer spending on experiences.

So How Do I Weekend Travel?

To help meet this new travel demand, Airfarewatchdog is launching The Weekender, a planning tool dedicated to long weekend travel. The Weekender gives travelers easy access to the best flight and hotel deals so they can make the most of their weekend trips without breaking the bank. Short flights, minimal layovers, amazing deals that make weekend trips possible.

Travelers can search The Weekender by location, date or budget, or find deals by weekend for the most popular destinations.

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