The brand new Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier began domesitic flights within Canada earlier this year. Starting this fall, Swoop is adding service across the border with flights between Canada and five US cities. Intro fares start at $140 USD roundtrip.

Swoop will fly from a few Canadian cities to Las Vegas, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Phoenix-Mesa. All of these new cross border routes begin in October. Roundtrip fares vary slightly depending on whether you start a roundtrip itinerary in Canada or the US. If departing from Canada, try booking two separate one-way fares in each direction to get a slightly lower price.

Intro fares are valid for travel from service start date through December 13, 2018, and again between January 15 and February 13, 2019. Some of these routes are limited to certain days each week so be sure to click on the fare details for more information.

Update August 8, 2018: Sale has been extended two more days. Tickets must be booked by 11:59 p.m. MT, on August 9, 2018, or while supplies last (advertised as a limit of 4100 seats).

Nonstop fares include:

Las Vegas to Abbotsford $140 USD ($181 CAD) roundtrip

Fort Lauderdale to Hamilton $155 USD ($201 CAD) roundtrip

Orlando to Hamilton $155 USD ($201 CAD) roundtrip

Tampa to Hamilton $155 USD ($201 CAD) roundtrip

Las Vegas to Hamilton $155 USD ($201 CAD) roundtrip

Las Vegas to Edmonton $167 USD ($217 CAD) roundtrip

Phoenix-Mesa to Edmonton $167 USD ($217 CAD) roundtrip

Abbotsford to Las Vegas $215 CAD ($166 USD) roundtrip

Edmonton to Las Vegas $222 CAD ($171 USD) roundtrip

Edmonton to Phoenix-Mesa $222 CAD ($171 USD) roundtrip

Hamilton to Fort Lauderdale $235 CAD ($181 USD) roundtrip

Hamilton to Orlando $235 CAD ($181 USD) roundtrip

Hamilton to Tampa $235 CAD ($181 USD) roundtrip

Hamilton to Las Vegas $235 CAD ($181 USD) roundtrip

Fares are displayed in USD on our linked pages. I used to convert the CAD price found on to USD for comparison purposes. If booking in CAD with a card issued by a US bank, make sure to use a card that has no foreign transaction fees to avoid extra costs.

As with other ultra-low-cost carriers, the base fare will only include transportation for you and a small personal item such as a small backpack, briefcase, or large purse that will fit underneath the seat in front of you.

Checked bag fees start at $27-$29 CAD when purchased online. Larger carry-on bag fees start at $37-$41 CAD. There are also extra fees if you would like to choose a specific seat and for pretty much anything else such as snacks or beverages onboard.

Above image via Swoop.

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