It’s easy to get hungry while traveling. No matter if it’s a long flight or even a short bus ride from a neighboring city, you’re going to want something to keep you content until you’re able to eat a full meal. 

Pack These 7 Snacks

Below are some of my favorite snacks to pack for a trip. Most of these come in packs of twelve or more so you’ll always have a few extra, just in case.

RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bar
RXBARs are great to bring on any trip and they’re actually nutritious. These bars have natural and straightforward ingredients. Each bar is packed full of protein that will keep you satisfied until mealtime.
Amazon User Review: “The best protein bar that I have found. Expensive, but you know what you are eating. Tastes great and gives me energy.”
Price: Starting at $22 on Amazon

TRUWOMEN Day Dreaming About Doughnuts Protein Bar
With names like Daydreaming About Doughnuts, I’m already sold. These bars from TRUWomen are a great upgrade from the typical granola in a bag. Each bar is Non-GMO verified, vegan and gluten free.
Amazon User Review: “Taste like the real deal. Doesn’t have a weird aftertaste. My go to for bars going forward.”
Price: Starting at $34 on Amazon

Rule Breaker Snacks
Imagine eating a bar made primarily of chickpeas, but the bar taste like birthday cake, has sprinkles, and even white chocolate. That’s the case with these snacks from Rule Breaker. Each flavor is made with vegan ingredients that are produced in an allergen free bakery.
Amazon User Review: “I've tried so many vegan protein cookies. These are the best ones so far. Soft and delicious.”
Price: Starting at $15 on Amazon

Larabar Gluten Free Bar
Larabars have four simple ingredients, keeping them healthy and flavorful. The bars are also Fair Trade certified when it comes to their chocolate and coffee ingredients.
Amazon User Review: “Great product if you are on Whole 30. My favorite flavor of Lara bars.”
Price: Starting at $16 on Amazon

Clif Bar - Sweet & Salty Energy Bar
If you really need to keep the energy sustained on your travels, opt for a CLIF Bar. These pars are made of wholesome ingredients purposefully crafted to deliver protein, fiber, and carbs to sustain active (or, in this case, inactive) bodies. They are great before or during an activity. 
Amazon User Review: “I ordered these cliff bars for my husband who is deployed overseas! He loves them. I will be ordering again soon!”
Price: Starting at $17 on Amazon

Erin Baker's Homestyle Granola
This isn’t your normal granola. The chia seeds provide protein to help you stay energized and satisfied until you can stop for a real lunch. The granola is perfect for snacking on the go, but also great to pair with yogurt or milk.
Amazon User Review: “It is the best tasting Granola.”
Price: Starting at $17 on Amazon

Avalanche Organic Original Swiss Granola
If you prefer to snack on granola, but rather it come prepackaged for easy on the go access, go for this one from Avalanche. Each box has six individually packages of granola.
Amazon User Review: “Absolutely the best granola! Fresh and crunchy w/ great flavor! All the flavors are awesome.”
Price: Starting at $12 on Amazon

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