Sometimes the most useful items are also the weirdest. You never know when you'll need a tiny humidifier, or a funny-looking iPhone case that's actually a super fast portable charger.

Odd but Useful Travel Items

Below are some of our bizarre picks for summer. Have you come across any unusual travel items? Tell us about 'em in the comments below.

Jaywayne USB Cool Mist Humidifier

From the first glance it looks kind of weird. It’s shaped like mascara, but it packs a bit of power. The mini portable humidifier is ultra quiet and switches off when the water depletes. The humidifier is easy to use–just add the stick to a glass of water and you’re all set.
Amazon User Review: “This humidifier is affordable and worked great for the purpose of my plants.”
Price: Starting at $13 on Amazon

Wecele S-1580 9000mAh Ultra Compact Portable Charger

When I first saw this charger, I thought it was a phone case for an older iPhone. However, it’s a powerful portable charger. It has the ability to charge most iPhones at least twice and some of the older iphones a little over three times. It also has a led light that flashes six different colors to let you know how charged the device is.
Amazon User Review: “Good looking, fast and v. good quality!”
Price: Starting at $29 on Amazon

Mokuyobi Embroidered Sew or Iron-on Backing Patch

If your luggage looks like just about every other luggage out there you’re going to want to have a way of separating it from other luggages. You can tie a colorful ribbon on it or invest in a patch that represents your personality. Mokuyobi has an array of patches that will match just about every personality.
Amazon User Review: “Exactly what I expected, fun gift for traveling friends. Also great addition to any backpack!”
Price: Starting at $10 on Amazon

FLIGHT 001 GO CLEAN Heels - Pink

These bags are able to hold women’s shoes up to size 11. They are perfect for business travelers or anyone who likes to bring an extra pair of heels for the night while traveling.
Amazon User Review: “I recently traveled with these bags to attend a wedding and each bag fit a pair of heels perfectly.”
Price: Starting at $30 on Amazon

Total Pillow Microbead Portable Pillow

If you’re using this pillow people may think you are a sunflower. I know it’s weird but depending on the color you get, it’s an accurate description. However silly it may look, you’ll be traveling in pure comfort. It also helps that this is cheaper than most other travel pillows.
Amazon User Review: “Its a great pillow! Amazing service from this seller!”
Price: Starting at $15 on Amazon

Primeware Insulated Drink Purse

As it continues to get warmer, you’re going to want to keep cool with a nice chill drink. Why not just use a drink purse? You can fill it up and keep cool throughout the day. The best part? The dispenser is hidden­­, making it the bag perfect for everyday use.
Amazon User Review: “Looks like a purse and I can take my wine.”
Price: Starting at $35 on Amazon

B A S U eAlarm

Don’t let this keychain's funny face fool you. This thing can emit an alarm that’s really really loud. It’s a great keychain to attach to keys, bags and purses­ – especially if you’re traveling alone. Give it one pull and deter troublemakers with this loud alarm.
Amazon User Review: “It is very loud - just what I wanted. I keep it on the outside of my purse for easy access.”
Price: Starting at $13 on Amazon

Above image by Gena Melendrez via Shutterstock

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