It’s almost July and time for one of my favorite summer holidays. No matter where you plan to spend your July 4th holiday, make sure you’re prepared for whatever the day may bring.  

Pack Your Bag with the Essentials

Check out my top picks for this July 4th weekend, listed below.

Kenley Wine Purse Tote Bag with Hidden Dispenser

If you’re a wine drinker, this is your dream bag. This tote bag from Kenley comes with three pouches for holding your beverages. One thing to note is the dispenser isn’t hidden so you might want to turn your bag around or only use when you plan on carrying drinks.
Amazon User Review: “Bought one for a friend and one for my Aunt! They love it, and it works great.”
Price: Starting at $18 on Amazon

Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler

Sometimes you don’t want to bring a large cooler on your trip, especially if you’re hiking or just heading out to see fireworks. This backpack cooler is an excellent alternative if you’re only out for a few hours. Just add ice packs, and your food and drinks should stay chilled.
Amazon User Review: “I love this cooler. We mainly use the lake. I have to walk a good walk to my boat at the marina and also carry milk and snacks for the kids, and this is a life and arm saver.”
Price: Starting at $24 on Amazon

Kaufman Sales Beach Towel

For the beach, lake, or just laying in the grass—you’re going to want a nice towel to lay out on while soaking up the summer sun. This pack of four towels from Kaufman Sales is excellent for families or large groups. Each towel is made of soft and absorbent cotton.
Amazon User Review: “These are great and super soft, and they hold up well!”
Price: Starting at $40 on Amazon

Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag

Keep your towels and essentials in this mesh bag from Dejaroo. The bag is large but lightweight. It has space for towels, water bottles, glasses, toys, and whatever else you may need for day at the beach. 
Amazon User Review: “These are great for the beach!”
Price: Starting at $40 on Amazon

Ripcords Large Waterproof Windproof Camping Blanket

Depending on where you’re viewing fireworks, it could get a bit chilly. You’ll probably want to bring a blanket or fleece to keep you warm. I like this one because it’s big enough to share and use for laying out on the grass. It’s also water resistant so no need to worry if it starts to drizzle! 
Amazon User Review: “We use it to keep our daughter warm in the jeep with the top off. She loves it. Very versatile and easy to clean.”
Price: Starting at $20 on Amazon

Herschel Supply Co. Novel

If you plan to travel for the weekend, you’re going to want to bring a weekender or duffle bag. My top pick is this bag from Herschel. The bag is pretty roomy and comes in a ton of different styles and colors. A limited lifetime warranty is included, so no worries if that zipper decides to stop working. 
Amazon User Review: “Loooooooooveeeeeeee it.”
Price: Starting at $80 on Amazon

Banana Boat Sports Sunscreen Travel Packs

This travel pack comes with twenty-four travel sized sachets of sunscreen. These are perfect for outdoor events. The size makes them great for keeping in the car or tucked away in your bag, especially on days when you’re outside longer than planned.
Amazon User Review: “Perfect for traveling!”
Price: Starting at $12 on Amazon

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