Today Southwest Airlines released its "Unlocking Millions of Low Fares for Fall" sale; while not actually a million, there are about 1000 discounted routes in this weeks sale. These sale prices are generally based on flight distance. With the $49 one-way tickets available for shorter journeys, the $79 and $99 one-way for mid-distance flights, leaving the $129 options for the cross-country and popular routes. Some solid value can be found on some of the shorter and mid-range trips that don't always go on sale, and no fare is over $258 roundtrip. Southwest extended its calendar last week through early January 2019, introducing some new routes that are incorporated in this sale.

Seats are available for travel on Monday - Thursday, and Saturday, starting from August 21 through December 12, 2018. These prices aren't available during blacked out dates on August 31, September 3, November 16-27, 2018.

Tickets for the listed sale prices must be booked by this Thursday night at 11:59 pm, June 7, 2018. With only three days of availability, I'd recommend booking something soon if it catches your eye.

Please note, these fares are only available on Other carriers regularly match these sale fares, so be sure to compare to find the best deal.

Nonstop fares include:

Memphis to Chicago MDW $93 roundtrip

Boise to San Jose $93 roundtrip

Charlotte to Baltimore $96 roundtrip

Atlanta to Cleveland $98 roundtrip

Chicago MDW to Minneapolis $98 roundtrip

Santa Ana to San Francisco $98 roundtrip

New Orleans to Houston HOU $98 roundtrip

Tucson to Los Angeles $98 roundtrip

Oakland to Portland $98 roundtrip

Hartford to Tampa $158 roundtrip

Washington DC DCA to Orlando $158 roundtrip

Providence to Ft. Lauderdale $158 roundtrip

Seattle to San Diego $158 roundtrip

Detroit to Atlanta $158 roundtrip

Ft. Lauderdale to Philadelphia $158 roundtrip

Indianapolis to Los Angeles $158 roundtrip

Boston to Austin $198 roundtrip

St. Louis to Las Vegas $198 roundtrip

Milwaukee to Orlando $198 roundtrip

Phoenix to Seattle $198 roundtrip

Pittsburgh to Las Vegas $258 roundtrip

Los Angeles to Chicago MDW $258 roundtrip

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