The next time you are picking up extra printer ink or paper clips at office supply giant Staples, you can also take a few minutes to sign up for TSA PreCheck. Starting this summer, the retailer will bring enrollment centers to about 50 of its stores in partnership with the security firm IDEMIA. The IdentoGO enrollment centers will initially appear in the Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle markets with plans to scale further into other metro areas later in the year. 

Staples to Offer TSA PreCheck Enrollment at 50 Stores Across the U.S.

TSA PreCheck allows approved travelers access to dedicated priority screening lanes and an efficient screening experience at over 200 U.S. airports. In addition to the priority screening lanes, PreCheck members do not need to remove belts, laptops, liquids, jackets, and footwear as they pass through airport security. TSA PreCheck is valid for five years, and the enrollment fee is $85, which breaks down to just $17 per year to fast lane past the often snaking security lines. In my opinion, money well spent.

Alongside the enrollment centers, IdentoGO will offer Staples shoppers certified birth certificates and passport photos. In a press release, Staples Chief Merchandising Officer, Peter Scala added: "Staples constantly looks for new ways to help businesses succeed, including making it easy for them to travel."

This announcement couldn't have come at a better time as the summer travel swell approaches. The option offered by Staples eliminates the one significant hang up that many people had with signing up for the program. Finding the time set up an in-person interview, which mostly had to be done at the airport and was often backlogged for months.

According to TSA PreCheck website, in April 2018, 92% of passengers enrolled in the program waited less than five minutes to pass through security. Last week the program added six additional airlines, including Porter, SAS, and Condor Airlines expanding the number of airlines participating in the program to 52 carriers. If you’re a frequent flyer and haven’t signed up for PreCheck yet drop into your local Staples this summer and enroll. The time you'll save in the long run will be well worth the 85 bucks. 

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