Southwest has priced several of their routes that compete with ultra-low-cost-carriers Spirit and Frontier at just $90 round-trip. Many more are only slightly higher. Have a look at what we've found today.

If you like to travel with checked bags and without all the extra fees, Southwest is a great choice. Fares on Southwest don't often go as low as they used to, but the fact that they have kept their free checked bag policy means that these fares may give you a lower overall cost when adding in extra fees on other airlines.

Travel days and periods will vary by route. All routes will have availabiliy on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and certain routes will have more days of the week available. Some of these fares are available as soon as next week, while some of them are only available starting in late August. Most are available through September, but July travel will be scarce or excluded on most routes. Click on the fare details for more info on each route.

These fares are unadvertised and could jump in price at any time. Book quickly if you find something you like. Since Southwest has no change fees, you'll always have the ability to make changes or cancel your flight and receive a credit good for one year from date of purchase.

Please note, these fares are only available on Other carriers regularly match these sale fares, so be sure to compare to find the best deal.

A sample of nonstop fares include:

Atlanta to Chicago $90 round-trip

Chicago to Tampa $90 round-trip

Atlanta to Dallas $90 round-trip

Dallas to Orlando $90 round-trip

Dallas to Chicago $90 round-trip

Phoenix to Dallas $90 round-trip

Denver to Phoenix $90 round-trip

Denver to Los Angeles $90 round-trip

Los Angeles to Las Vegas $90 round-trip

New York to Chicago $94 round-trip

Chicago to Orlando $94 round-trip

Atlanta to Philadelphia $94 round-trip

Philadelphia to Dallas $94 round-trip

Boston to Chicago $98 round-trip

Chicago to Las Vegas $100 round-trip

Chicago to Fort Lauderdale $100 round-trip

Houston to Chicago $100 round-trip

Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale $100 round-trip

Minneapolis to Denver $100 round-trip

Baltimore to Dallas $100 round-trip

Dallas to Fort Lauderdale $100 round-trip

Dallas to Tampa $100 round-trip

Denver to Dallas $100 round-trip

Dallas to Las Vegas $100 round-trip

These fares all work in reverse and there are several more priced in the $100s and $200s round-trip as well. Have a look at all of our deals from Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, & Houston, and all fares to Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, & Las Vegas for more. Also, check flights from your city to see what's available.

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