Spirit Airlines has once again raised its fees. Just a few months ago, I wrote about Spirit's booking fees rising two weeks in a row. This week, Spirit has raised their fuel charge $2 each way again.

Booking Fees on Spirit Airlines Rise Again

The $2 each way increase brings the "Fuel Charge" to $10 each way. It may not seem like much, but these fees seem to keep creeping upwards. In total, booking related fees have risen $8 round-trip just this year and can now total up to $73 round-trip in addition to your airfare and government taxes/fees. Some of these are avoidable by booking at the airport, while others are not. The online booking fees can now total up to $60 round-trip.

The fuel charge is one of the fees that can be avoided by booking at the airport, which means it is essentially an online booking fee that Spirit masks with an obscure name. Not all fares will have the fuel charge attached, but most will.

Spirit uses these fees for a few reasons. Mainly, to avoid paying more taxes, but they also mask their promo code sales pretty well since any discounts are only applied to the base fare, which is often just a few cents or a few dollars. Fees usually make up the majority of your total cost on a Spirit Airlines ticket.

The rock bottom price for a 1¢ each way base airfare with all of the online booking fees attached, including government taxes/fees, is now $103 round-trip on Spirit. Fares can still go as low as $39 round-trip on fares without all the online booking fees attached, but this is not the norm. They usually only exclude these fees when trying to compete with other ultra-low-cost-carriers. Mostly, you'll see airfares on Spirit have just gone up $4 round-trip.

For more information on Spirit, check out How to Fly Spirit Airlines.

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