For most of us, the sun is starting to shine and the temperatures are warming up. It’s the perfect time for outdoor travel adventures. From water bottles to tents, you're going to need the right gear.

Be Prepared with These Items

Below are some of my favorite go-to adventure or outdoor travel necessities.

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle - Leak Proof Twist Cap

This bottle is a great way to store water when you’re on the go. When not filled, the bottle rolls up and can stowed away into your pocket or backpack. The bottle is leak-proof, durable, and made of 100% food-grade materials so no worries of BPA or other toxic chemicals.

Amazon User Review: “All of the problems I had with carrying a water bottle are solved with this gal. Doesn't leak, squishes into my bag, folds up, and doesn’t taste funny (if you follow the directions for first-time use!) And is extremely durable. Thanks Nomader!”

Price: Starting at $21.95 on Amazon

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

Stay caffeinated while on the go with a portable espresso maker. Amazon has a few different choices but my top pick is MiniPresso by Waco. It’s rated as a top choice on Amazon.

Amazon User Review: “I have had this press for a year and use it almost every day. The press is an outstanding espresso maker for the price and the convenience.”

Price: Starting at $49 on Amazon

Basic First Aid Kit Supplies (120-Piece)

I'd rather be safe than sorry when outdoors. It’s great to have some sort of first aid for the minor accidents that can happen. This kit from Swiss Safe has all the basics including safety pins and bandages.

Amazon User Review: “Great kit; has all i need to carry while backpacking, camping, traveling.”

Price: Starting at $28 on Amazon

Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Flask

If you’re going on a camping trip, you might want to bring some spirits with you. This classic flask from Stanley is the perfect fit. It's leak proof and has a pretty wide mouth for easy filling and pouring.

Amazon User Review: “An amazing flask. Great for camping.”

Price: Starting at $25 on Amazon

Victorinox Swiss Army Spartan Pocket Knife

Need to open a bottle of wine? Beer? Or soda? Maye you need to cut some rope? You’re going to want to have a Swiss Army knife for all those moments. My top pick is this one from Victorinox it’s pretty affordable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Amazon User Review: “The quality and value are unmatched in small knives/multi-tools.”

Price: Starting at $24 on Amazon

Vibedration Festival Hydration Pack

This pack is great for anyone heading to a festival this spring, but it’s also great for short hiking trips. The bag has a two litter bladder for holding water. The pack also has room for your phone, wallet, and any snacks you might want to bring.

Amazon User Review: “Loved the fun design and functionality of the pack!”

Price: Starting at $70 on Amazon

Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

Have all of your bases covered before you head outdoors with this field guide from Dave Canterbury. It's only $10 and will have you ready to handle just about any situation you'll face while backpacking in the outdoors.

Amazon User Review: “Love Dave Canterbury. Very informative. Goes over the basics. Excellent book for beginner outdoorsmen.”

Price: Starting at $11 on Amazon

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