Tomorrow marks two weeks until tax day, and as it quickly approaches, we're dreaming of using our refund to travel. From a staycation in Boston's Seaport District to bumming it on the beach in some far-off tropical paradise, the possibilities are endless. But that got us thinking... How are other people planning to spend their refunds? And so, we took to Twitter.

According to our most recent poll of more than 1,200 people, almost 75 percent (71 percent) plan to use at least part of their refund on travel, a figure which is up almost 40 percent in comparison to last year. The full results are below, but we must know: How are you planning to spend your refund—and why do you think so many more are planning to put theirs towards travel this year? Let us know in the comments section!

  • Question: If you are expecting a tax refund, do you plan to use it on travel?
    • Yes, all of it on travel - 19% (up from 16% in 2017)
    • Yes, most of it on travel - 9% (up from 7% in 2017)
    • Yes, some of it on travel - 43% (up from 28% in 2017)
    • None of it on travel - 29% (down from 49% in 2017)
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