With plenty of time on their hands and a bucket list of must-see spots, seniors are globe-trotting like never before. And while the act of traveling from A to B can be a grueling experience at any age, it's especially taxing on older travelers.

Items that Will Help Seniors Travel With Ease

From organization to matters of practicality and comfort, these items will make traveling just a little bit easy for senior jetsetters.

it luggage World’s Lightest 22” 8 Wheel Lightweight Carry-On

Lightweight Carry-on by it luggage for senior travelers

No one wants to lug a heavy bag as they try and navigate a foreign city for the first time. This Lightweight Carry-on by it luggage has 8 wheels for easy maneuverability and weighs only 4.07 lbs empty. Even when you fill it to capacity, you won’t be struggling with the weight. Available in 7 color combos.

Amazon User Review: “The best little Suitcase I have ever purchased. Made very strong holds so much and very durable. I highly recommend this Suitcase. Only downfall but not really is American Airlines would not let me put it overhead after I checked their website and said it would fit. They tagged it at the gateway and put it under the plane with the larger luggage , no charge and no big deal. I would buy same product again if ever needed.”

Price: Starting at $66.53 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.4

XINHOME Pill Organizer Box Weekly Case

best pill organizer for senior travelers

Not only can pill bottles can take up a lot of space in your luggage, it's a pain to fish out the correct bottle when you're on the go. Simplify your routine with this XINHOME Pill Organizer. With 7 daily containers and 4 separate dividers, it fits right in your carry-on or purse, so you'll always have easy access to your meds.

Amazon User Review: “These are really convenient. I only take meds once a day so I have one day in each section for almost a month's worth of meds. The lids are tight enough to not open on their own but easy enough that you can open it without any problems. The leather pouch is perfect for travel. All in all a great product.

Price: Starting at $12.17 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.6

LuminoLite Rechargeable 3000K Warm 6 LED Book Light

Is the overhead light on the airplane still too dim? The LuminoLight Rechargeable Book Light will kick things up a notch while clipped to the cover of your book. Plus, it’s rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about making sure you bring extra batteries.

Amazon User Review: “I love this light! Not only is it good for reading books but I clip it on top of my laptop monitor so I can see my computer keys when I need to type. Another one of the things I like about it is the ability to recharge it and not have to put in new batteries every time they run down.”

Price: Starting at $12.99 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.6

Victorinox Travel Organizer with RFID Protection

Although we can store almost everything on our smartphones these days, it’s important to have hard copies with you, too. The Victorinox Travel Organizer is perfect to store all of your necessary cards and travel documents. Plus, it has RFID protection, meaning your information will be safe from electronic skimmers. Available in 3 colors.

Amazon Customer Review: Amazing. It fits everything necessary for a trip. I have two passports, business cards, checkbook, credit cards, a pen and other documents. Everything stays well protected and safe.”

Price: $49.00 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

Travelon Anti-Theft Mini Crossbody

There are few things more annoying than having to keep track of a giant backpack or purse around as you sightsee. This Anti-Theft Crossbody is perfect for a day of exploring. Like the travel organizer, it has RFID protection, so no one will be able to skim your information from your passport and credit cards. The mesh material is anti-slash, and you can lock the straps and compartments for added security. It has plenty of pockets to hold everything you’ll need while out and about. Available in 2 color combos.

Amazon User Review: “Can't stop raving about this bag. Love the safety features, love that there's so many different places to put stuff- keeps you really organized. I find when I travel, my needs are different than at home, and this bag exceeded my expectations, Just right size for touring, and looked sleek enough for going out to dinner. While in Europe I noticed many women on tours all had some style Travelon bag, but I think this one was the nicest of all. My neighbor who has her own Travelon bag just borrowed this one from me for her own trip to Europe.” 

Price: Starting at $28 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.6

Travelon Deluxe Wrap-n-Rest Pillow

We all know that airplane travel is not the most comfortable, especially if you want to sleep. The Travelon Deluxe Wrap-n-Rest Pillow will allow or a more restful flight. Its U-Shape and interlocking ends means your head will not fall forward, jolting you awake. It has a handy Velcro strap so you can easily attach it to the outside of your bag, saving valuable packing space. Available in 2 colors.

Amazon Customer Review: “Nice to have the neck portion thinner than the side portions of the pillow. More variety in positioning than classic travel pillows. Velcro strap has held up nicely too and the velcro is strong enough to stay in place on bumpy luggage handles.”

Price: Starting at $14.20 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

Tile Mate Key Finder

For anyone in the habit of constantly misplacing keys, wallets, phones, and other items, this is a real life saver. This Tile Mate Key Finder has so many uses, you may want more than the 4-pack! You can even put one on your luggage so you can track it should it go missing. The Tile Mate is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Amazon User Review: Picked these to drop into my luggage, briefcase, and other things I take with me when traveling. While it's not as exact as some of the luggagetrackers I've used, it does let me know if the luggage made it off the plane in the airport I went to, which is the main thing I need to know.”

Price: Starting at $64.99 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4

Clarks Women’s CloudSteppers Sillian Jetay Flat

Having a reliable, comfortable pair of shoes is key when you are pounding the pavement all day. These CloudSteppers from Clarks are stylish, lightweight, and have shock-absorbing eva outsoles, so you’ll be able to get where you need to go, without the blisters. Available in 22 color combos.

Amazon Customer Review: “Great shoes! Bought my first pair at a store, travelled out of town and the airlines lost my luggage and I had only this pair to wear for a month. Perfect fit, perfect look, perfect comfort! I ordered two more pairs on Amazon and now I can alternate the three!”

Price: Starting at $27.98 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

Like the women's shoe, this Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe from Merrell checks all of the travel shoe boxes. With shock-absorbant soles and a comfortable slip on style, they're great for easy on and off at airport security and on long flights. Available in 14 color combos.

Amazon Customer Review: “I ordered a pair of Jungle Mocs as a part of preparation for hip replacement surgery. I tried some on at a shoe store, but they didn't have my size. However it did give me a chance to confirm I could put Jungle Mocs on without bending over, which was their purpose. The pair from Amazon were perfect. One big surprise for me is that I like them so much that I've been wearing them a lot because they're comfortable as can be and don't look like "geezer" footwear. And, Merrill makes good quality products, which is another plus.”

Price: Starting at $58.20 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

Columbia Men’s Watertight II Jacket

Weather can change in an instant, so even if the forecast looks beautiful, you want to be prepared. The Columbia’s Men’s Watertight Jacket is lightweight, waterproof, and has zipped pockets to hold all you need while you travel. You'll be happy you packed it. Available in 34 color combos.

Amazon User Review: “A light weight rain jacket that wouldn't create an interior sauna when the temp is above sixty degrees Fahrenheit, I usually walk three or more miles a daily, except in rain when the temp is over 60 F. I have a much more expensive gore-tex rain jacket, but it is just too damned hot in warm weather. This fits my needs perfectly, plus it is light weight enough that I can hang from my belt loop when the storm is over and hike for miles hardly noticing it's weight.”

Price: Starting at $30.00 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Jacket

As with the Men’s Watertight jacket, you can’t go wrong with the Women’s Arcadia Jacket. Lightweight, zippered hand pockets, breathable, and packable. It’s available in 12 color combos, so you can add a little flair to your vacation ensemble.

Amazon User Review: “I bought this jacket because I was traveling internationally from a cold climate to a hot climate and needed a lightweight jacket that would provide good coverage. It absolutely needed to be lightweight because it needed to fit into my carry-on backpack and be easy to carry around in the country with me when I needed it. That jacket was exactly that. The jacket is very lightweight and also folds into one of the pockets. After your unfold it from the pocket, it will be wrinkled. It was just stuffed into a small space after all. But before long most of the wrinkles come right back out and the jacket looks fine again. The jacket being able to fold into the pocket is also very handy for transporting it in bag or backpack.”

Price: Starting at $39.98 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4.5

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