Starting today, you will have to shell out an extra dollar or two for that tipple. Southwest’s alcoholic drink prices are being raised today, March 1, 2018. To be fair, it has been a long time coming, the last time they were raised was in 2009.

The “$5 Happy Hour, Every Hour” will bump up to $6 for Miller Lite, Dos Equis, and the assortment of wine options. Premium beer like Fat Tire, Lagunitas, Leinenkugel, and liquor will now cost you $7 per drink.

Even with this increase, the new prices are still cheaper or similar to those offered by other U.S. based airlines. This isn’t a case of Southwest trying to make a quick buck off its customers and more of a matter of them catching up to current costs. Good news if you have a stack of drink coupons you haven’t used yet, now they’re worth more!

Soft and non-alcoholic drinks will remain the same price as two checked bags on

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