Low-Cost Carrier Ryanair will cut 20 of its routes from Glasgow International Airport (GLA) reducing its service to just three routes Dublin, Wroclaw, and Krakow this November. Ryanair started its base at Glasgow Airport in 2014 but blames the Scottish Government for not reducing the Air Passenger Duty (ADP) tax after it had been promised it would be halved from £13 per ticket. The Irish Airline will transfer several Glasgow based aircraft to Edinburgh International Airport (EDI) where it will expand to 11 new low-fare routes in November 2018. 

Glasgow Airport officials said that they were “bitterly disappointed” by the decision to axe the routes by Ryanair. Chief Operating Officer of Ryanair, David O’Brien said in response: "This should not come as a surprise to the government, we did say that our growth in Glasgow was based on their promise to abolish APD, which morphed into a promise to half APD, which suddenly has disappeared into the ether and quite frankly we don't have any more patience. There are other markets in the UK and Europe which offer a more compelling proposition."

While this is a major blow to passengers who’s home airport is Glasgow and additional reports that nearly 300 jobs could be lost at Glasgow Airport: "The flipside is that you're looking at around 700 jobs being introduced to Edinburgh." According to Mr. O’Brien.

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