The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are beginning later this week and we wanted to do a temperature check to see just how travelers feel about heading to South Korea amid the increase tensions between its Northern neighbor.

Airfarewatchdog recently surveyed over 1,000 travelers and found that almost half (49%) stated that the increase in tensions between North and South Korea would prevent them from traveling to the Winter Olympics. While 39% said they would still go. Full results below.

Even with the majority of travelers feeling a sense of worry traveling to South Korea we’ve seen a 21% increase in searches to South Korea for trips in February 2018 compared to February 2017, and these travelers have no need to worry.

Airfarewatchdog editor and travel expert Tim Winship advises that travel to South Korea is safe and that the State Department has not issued any new alerts. He also notes that travelers should follow the same safety guidelines they would follow in any foreign metropolitan city.

If you’re headed to South Korea this week for the week make sure to check out this travel guide from our sister site SmarterTravel for a comprehensive overview of the games.

Poll Results:

Would the recent heightened political tension between North and South Korea prevent you from traveling to the 2018 Olympics?

  • 49% said yes.
  • 39% said no.
  • 12% were unaware of tension between the two countries. 
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