This year's flu season is in full swing, and federal health officials say it's the worst we've seen in just about a decade. With things expected to get worse before they get better, we took to Twitter to uncover if the virus is impacting air travel. The short answer is that it's not—only 13 percent of travelers say they're actively trying to avoid flying. But that doesn't mean that the other 87 percent aren't at all concerned. In fact, half (50 percent) say airlines should ban anyone exhibiting cold and/or flu symptoms. What's more, 43 percent say airlines should administer rapid flu tests, require proof of flu vaccination, or both before allowing passengers to board.

The full results with links to the questions on Twitter (in case you want to check them out) are below. We want to know—is the flu impacting your travel plans? Do you agree that airlines have a responsibility to keep their passengers healthy? Let us know in the comments below!

Question 1: Is this year's flu season causing you to try to avoid air travel? (1,694 votes)

  • 13% - Yes
  • 87% - No

Question 2: Do you think airlines should deny boarding to any passengers exhibiting cold and/or flu symptoms during peak flu season? (3,181 votes)

  • 50% - Yes
  • 50% - No

Question 3: Do you think airlines should administer rapid flu tests or require proof of flu vaccination before allowing passengers to board flights during peak flu season? (2,134 votes)

  • 23% - Yes to rapid flu tests
  • 12% - Yes to proof of vaccination
  • 10% - Yes to both
  • 55% - No to all
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