In preparation for Sunday’s big game, has done some digging into just how many Philly and New England fans Minneapolis should expect to see this weekend. What we found seems to be all signs pointing toward a sea of silver and green:

  • Here come the birds: Fare searches (search period: 1/21-1/26) from PHL (Philadelphia) to MSP (Minnesota) are up nearly 416% from this time last year, while searches from BOS (Boston) are only up 96% from last year for the same time period.
  • Whistle blows, times to search: Fare searches on January 21st 2018 (the day the two final competitors were decided) from PHL to MSP were up 705% from that date last year, versus the 198% increase we saw from BOS to MSP.

Knowing that New England fans are seasoned vets at end of season celebrations, we gave them the benefit of the doubt and checked against last year’s football face-off fare searches:

  • Is Winning Becoming Old Hat? Fare searches from Boston’s Logan International Airport to St. Paul International Airport are right in line (roughly just a 10% difference) with searches from Boston’s Logan International Airport to George Bush Intercontinental Airport, last year’s venue.

While we know that fan count doesn’t directly correlate to game day wins, it may yield a home field advantage for the birds.

So what do you think – is it better to watch the game in person or from the comfort of your couch?

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