American Airlines will perform some much needed sprucing up of its extra legroom economy seating, known as Main Cabin Extra.

According to an internal memo sent out this week relaying these changes to employees, Main Cabin Extra will now include complimentary beer, wine, and spirits, as well as dedicated overhead bin space.

The memo makes a point to mention that flight attendants will not be responsible for monitoring Main Cabin Extra overhead bins, so passengers are on their own when it comes to territorial overhead squabbles.

As for the free booze, this is something that Delta has been offering its extra legroom Comfort+ passengers for some time now, along with a wider range of snacks (if you prefer something beyond American's standard Biscoff and pretzel offerings).

Additionally, Main Cabin Extra passengers are entitled to preferred boarding, though after all other Priority passengers.

Look for those dedicated overhead spaces to begin popping up on February 1. No exact date yet on those free drinks, so stay tuned.

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