Vacations these days are instantly documented with your phone and posted to social media. Within minutes of landing, you can send your mom a text saying you have arrived, and keep everyone up to date on your travels with a travel blog. The quintessential finger on top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa posted on Facebook will have hundreds of likes within minutes. Gone are the days of arriving home from your vacation and stopping at the drug store to drop off your ten rolls of film, splurging for 1 hour photo so you can see what shots may or may not have come out.

Although the instant gratification can be nice, so can having the old-fashioned ways of documenting your travels. Below are a few items to help you document your travels in a non-digital way.

Moleskin Passion Journal - Travel

Rather than wondering where you might have packed that important itinerary, having everything in one handy book would be a huge help. The Moleskin Passion Journal has 5 sections to organize your travel including spots for loyalty cards, checklists, and memorable moments. It also includes stickers to jazz up the look a bit.

Amazon Review: "Great travel journal. There are sections for short trips, long trips, and packing lists, which I love. There is also a pocket in the back to store various items, like maps, flight stubs, etc. Overall a great memory book."
Price: Starting at $16.09 on Amazon
Star Rating: 4

I Was Here: A Travel Journal for The Curious Minded

If mindless writing on your vacation is not for you and you need a little structure, this is the journal for you.  I Was Here: A Travel Journal for The Curious Minded is an organized journal where you can jot down restaurants, places you want to visit, people you met, and even remind yourself what the "secret ingredient" of that city is.

Amazon Review: "This journal is unique and fun. I recommend starting before your trip. Perfect when you need some down time or on a long plane ride."

Price: $13.53 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4

Leather Journal Travel Diary

Sometimes visiting ancient ruins or lounging on the beach brings out your nostalgic side, and you get inspired to write down your thoughts. The Leather Journal Travel Diary is perfect for such moments. Classic in its look, small in its size, and it includes a pen with a handy holder tucked inside.

Amazon Review: "I have been a journalist for over 30 years. This "Journal " is fantastic. From the leather cover to the beautiful paper and the professional ink pen there is not a thing that I would change. After receiving the first journal I quickly went back on amazon and ordered another one. I will be buying more as soon as I fill up the first two."

Price: $29.95 on Amazon

Star Rating: 5

Travel Stub Diary

Finally, the answer to the age-old question: what should I do with all of my ticket stubs and brochures? The answer: the Travel Stub Diary, which allows you to not only keep all of the stubs you collect, but organize them! There is even space to jot down notes about whatever life changing experience you had that made you not be able to part with the ticket stub you collected.

Amazon Review: "If you're a traveler, this is perfect for keep sake such as museum entries, ticket stubs, you name it. Great way to relive your trip and where you visited."

Price: $12.89 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4


Cavallini Vintage World Map Carte Postale

Stopping to buy postcards can really put a damper on your tight schedule. These Vintage Map Postcards are perfect to throw in your carry-on to have on hand.  The tin includes 18 postcards, with 9 different designs, so you can pick what map to send depending on where you are!

Amazon Review: "I buy a lot of postcards to send frequent notes to my relatives across the country, who don't use the internet. These cards are the correct size for the less expensive postcard stamps (some larger postcards need a regular stamp), they're on good quality card-stock, and the drawings are beautiful."

Price: $16.88 on Amazon

Star Rating: 4

Kraft Paper Blank Postcards

If you travel a lot, regular postcards might get a little boring. These Kraft Paper Blank Postcards are perfect for you to get your creative juices flowing! Sold in packs of 50, they should last you awhile, too. Draw a picture, glue on a photo or part of a brochure you pick up- whatever you decide, these are the perfect way to personalize your correspondence to everyone at home.

Amazon Review: "Thick and durable card stock. The weight is extremely high-quality"

Price: $9.99 on Amazon

Star Rating: 5


Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera

If you go with the blank postcards, you may want some of your own photos to stick on them.  The Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera is the perfect gadget to ensure you have actual printed photos to use, plus the photos have a sticky back, perfect for putting them on a postcard. You can also download an app for your phone that will connect to the camera and enable you to add filters to your photos. And, let's be honest, as much as you intend to get the pictures you take on our phone printed eventually, how often do you actually get them printed?  This camera will ensure you have some actual hard copies of photos from your trip.

Amazon Review: "Honestly, I initially just bought the camera for the design because it looks so cute and the size is perfect because I didn't expect an instant camera to perform so well. However, contrary to my assumption, I was blown away with how great of photos it actually takes."

Price: Starting at $54.98 on Amazon

Star Rating: 3.5

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