"Bad Weather"

Q. My wife flew from Philadelphia to Las Vegas on Delta to meet my sister. While my wife was diverted to Los Angeles due to weather, or so the passengers were told, my sister flew from San Francisco to Las Vegas without a problem landing, about 10 minutes after my wife was scheduled to land.

After landing in Los Angeles, the passengers were told that they would have to spend the night in LA, and since the problem was weather related, Delta was not responsible for the hotel charges.

There was a rumour circulating among the passengers that the Delta pilot was not certified to land in that particular circumstance- wind, or rain, they were never told the specific reason. Is that rumour possibly true?

A. The rumour about certification does not ring true.  Pilots should be qualified to fly their aircraft in all conditions including bad weather.  As for the suspicious weather claims, you may find this article interesting and inspiring!