Okedoke, so you booked yourself an amazingly cheap little ticket out of town (ahem, thanks to Airfarewatchdog), and now you're on the prowl for a place to stay. Maybe you want to take all that money you saved on airfare and splurge on bourgie digs? Or, if you're looking to keep things thrifty, maybe you'd like a nice budget option. Whatever your preference, we suggest checking out TripAdvisor's 2010 Travelers' Choice picks, based on the opinions and reviews of real travelers. In addition to Best Luxury and Best Bargain, this year's categories include Best for Families, Best B&Bs and Inns, Best Romance, Best Service, Best All-Inclusive, Trendiest, and Best Relaxation & Spa. You can also browse the top 25 international winners for Europe, India, China, and Japan. See? You're all set! So call back your old roommate from college and tell him you won't be needing the fold-out couch after all.

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