Got a few travelers on your list? Trust us, they already have all the luggage tags and passport covers they need. Instead, why not get them a cool tech gadget for texting in the mountains, or a phone case that lets them take photos underwater? Below are our top seven weird but useful travel items you’ll want to gift this season.

Ostrich Pillow 

It may look wacky, but the Ostrich Pillow can actually come in handy. Unlike the standard U-shaped model, this pillow is sure to be something new to the traveler on your list. The Ostrich Pillow allows users to fully seclude themselves while also being able to relax and rest their head.  

Waterproof Cell Phone Case 

Take the perfect underwater photo with one of these cases from DryTek. The cases allow you to use your phone even when it's fully submerged underwater. Did we mention they also cost less than $10?

Portable Airplane Seat Divider 

This divider is perfect for anyone who likes their privacy while traveling or just wants a bit of extra room. The divider easily splits the airplane armrest, ensuring you get a place to put your arm without having to touch the passenger next to you.

How to Stay Alive in the Woods

The name says it all. If you know someone who really loves adventure, this is the book for them. Broken down into four sections, the book covers every survival skill you'd ever need. It teaches adventurers how to catch game without a gun and even has full-color illustrations showing which plants are safe to eat.

goTenna - text & GPS on your phone, no service required

Imagine having your own private network while traveling. These antennas allow travelers in places where there may not be cell service to communicate. The hardware also has offline maps that travelers can download.

LAVO Giro Face Cleansing Brush

Having a clean face even when you’re traveling is important. This portable cleaning brush is waterproof for use in the shower. The brush also has two speeds that can be adjusted based on how intense you want it to scrub. The brush comes with a one-year warranty.

Selfie Spotlight

The selfie light makes a great stocking stuffer for the traveler who loves taking selfies. The light is powered by its own battery and clips right onto your phone or tablet. 

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