We’ve all received our share of socks, phone cases, and other gifts that eventually get lost or even forgotten throughout the year. So, what if instead someone gave you an experience? Something that you wouldn’t forget. Maybe an unforgettable dinner or even a skydiving adventure. Below are our top picks on experience gifts for this holiday season.

Tinggly Experience Voucher

Let them choose their own adventure. With a Tinggly gift voucher they can chose from hundreds of activities in over 100 countries around the planet. Whoever opens this gift can enjoy activities abroad like a gondola ride in Venice or a romantic cruise through Paris. They also have activities for the U.S. too, like a VIP helicopter ride over Las Vegas. Amazon has a great selection of the vouchers at different price points.

Gift of Language

No someone who wants to learn a new language but just can’t seem to get started? Give them a boost by giving them language learning software. You can opt for software like Rosetta Stone or Fluenz. Additionally, you can give them credit towards a tutor or even purchase a class in their home city. Groupon is a great place to start if you think they would prefer a face-to-face learning experience.

Help Them Take Flight

Sometimes giving a simple gift card can be an easy way out during the holiday, but what if the gift card could take them to 85 plus destinations? If you know someone who is a big fan of flying Southwest, a Southwest gift card can do just that for them. You can purchase them here on Amazon or directly from Southwest.

Viator Experience

Who wouldn’t want to receive a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon for Christmas? Give the adventurer on your list a gift certificate to Viator and they can do just that … or anything else! Each certificate can be redeemed towards an adventure on the site, from city tours to swimming with sharks in Australia there is something for everyone. 

Pack Up + Go

Pack Up + Go is a surprise travel agency that plans a three-day weekend for travelers within the U.S. It’s the perfect gift for that special someone on your list who really loves adventure or even that person that might need a little push to get out for the holidays. You can purchase a gift card based on the amount you want either for a whole trip or money towards one.

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