Ah, nothing quite beats the sensation of gummed-up carpet under the feet, does it? And who doesn't enjoy staring into the wild paisley maroons and browns of a motel blanket, blissfully ignorant of whatever sick old who-knows-what stains are right in front of your face? Yes, there are some truly gnarly hotels out there, which is why we are obsessed (OBSESSED!) with checking TripAdvisor's traveler submitted photos and videos. Ok, yes, partially because we hope to score a cute place to stay, and avoid becoming a bedbug buffet. But also? We just really enjoy looking at photos of gross hotels. Just when you think you can't top the photo of a homemade doorknob constructed of dental floss and a clothes pin, you find a photo of a dead dusty mouse in the crack of a bed. Endlessly entertaining!

So naturally we look forward to this time of year, when TripAdvisor releases their list of the world's Dirtiest Hotels for 2010. What's so especially vommie about this year's winners? See for yourself. If nothing else, you'll walk away feeling like a better housekeeper.

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