If you've been patiently waiting for fares to come down before committing to book, now is your chance. But there is a slight downside. As fares drop for winter, so of course do temperatures.

Depending on your relationship with cold weather, exploring a city in winter is not necessarily a bad thing. For starters, you'll have much smaller crowds to contend with, if any at all. And there are plenty of places in the world that look their best in winter. It's really just a matter of keeping yourself warm and dry. Consider packing these 10 items for your next winter vacation.

1. Zmart Anti-Slip Waterproof Rain Boots

For those who live in warmer climates where there's really no point in owning a pair of galoshes, these inexpensive "boots" could really come to the rescue on wet slushy winter walks. Made of waterproof PVC with an anti-skid gum sole, these covers slip on to keep shoes dry. And at just 11.5 ounces, these fold up and travel easily.

Price: $12.99

Star Rating: 4.5

Amazon Review: "These were great! I used them over my hiking shoes in Alaska and they kept my feet nice and dry. Plus, they are compact so fit very well into my backpack."

2. Arcteryx Cerium SV Hoody

A warm puffer is essential for any winter trip. This down puffer from Arcteryx is designed to protect against severe winter conditions, retaining heat and repelling moisture. Easy to travel with, weighing only 2 pounds. Available in four colors.

Price: $364 to $431 depending on size

Star Rating: 4.5

Amazon Review: "This coat is a BEAST. I just got back from 13 days in Iceland and I wore this coat every day. We were there from Sept 19 thru Oct 1 so there wasn't snow yet, but believe me the wind gusts and frigid winds off the glaciers were face melting. Unfortunately we were only prepared for snow and not extreme wind and sideways rain. So I soaked this completely thru with rain a few times but it made it about 30-40 minutes without feeling the wetness."

3. Heat Holders Thermal Socks

It's hard to enjoy the sights when you've lost all feeling in your feet. Whatever you pack, be sure you toss in a few pairs of heavy duty thermal socks. These chunky numbers are made with synthetic thermal yarn, said to be 7 times warmer than cotton socks. Available in 21 colorways.

Price: $15.99

Star Rating: 4.5

Amazon Review: "Wow! My feet are always freezing cold (even in the house) but these socks keep me warm (even outside on cold rainy nights). These socks are not pretty but they are effective. I am a woman who wears a Size 10 shoe so I purchased the Mens' version. I hope that in the future, you will offer a more fitted variety that extends all the way to the knee. You've got the "technology" down! Thank you."

4. HotHands Hand Warmers

Slipping a couple of these into your coat pockets can make all the difference during a long winter walk. And don't worry, they're FAA approved for both carry on and checked luggage.

Price: $6.45 for 5 pairs

Star Rating: 4.5

Amazon Review: "We used these in Canada where wind chills got down to -27 F. These hand warmers were great - kept our hands nice and toasty, but they're just a little bit hard to get into gloves, especially tight-fitting ones. We ended up putting them in our coat pockets, which worked perfectly - when we needed to keep our hands warm, we just put them right into our coat pockets!"

5. Heat Factory Foot Warmers

Same as above but as insoles for your shoes. Brushed with antimicrobial and antifungal additives, these are sold as one size fits all and must be trimmed down to fit your shoe. The heat will last up to 6 hours, which is plenty of time for a day of sight seeing.

Price: $17.90

Star Rating: 5

Amazon Review: "I love these inner soles I use them hunting and my feet stay warm. These are my second pair."

6. GLOUE ScreenTouch Gloves

We rely on our smartphones more and more when we travel, mapping our way through new cities and sharing pics on social media. And in below freezing weather, no one wants to remove a glove to use the phone. Touch screen gloves are definite must haves for any cold weather vacation.

Price: $9.95

Star Rating: 5

Amazon Review: "I'm in love with these gloves!!! First order of business the touch screen fingers work. (I've had other touch screen gloves that don't actually work). They are also very soft and warm. It's hard to find touch screen gloves that are also warm AND cute. Beyond function they are by far the cutest touch screen gloves I've ever seen! Love the little faux fur bow and piping detail around the wrist. Great cranberry color goes well with anything. The fabric is soft and the gloves fit very well. I wasn't sure what to expect with the price so low, but these far exceeded my expectations!"

7. Waterproof Roll-Top Backpack from The Friendly Swede

Protect your belongings from wet winter weather with this industrial grade PVC roll-top daypack. The interior includes a padded pocket for carting along laptops safely, as well as two exterior mesh pockets. And, just in case, you'll find an emergency whistle attached to the front clasp.

Price: $47.95

Star Rating: 4.5

Amazon Review: I bought this cause I needed something to keep my things dry when I ride a motorcycle through rough weather. So far so good. Good job Friendly Swede

8. Savior Ritzy Heated Hat

Are heated hats nerdy? You'll probably be a lot less concerned with the answer when you've been walking for 3 hours and can't feel your ears. This windproof beanie runs on a rechargeable battery pack and features 3 temperature setting. One charge lasts 6 hours.

Price: $65.99

Star Rating: 4.5

Amazon Review: "I got this for my husband and he loves it. It keeps his head all nice and warm and it last for a while. And he has not once complained about this hat. He also loves that he can change the level of heat he can use. It is 100% worth the money and we will buy more for are friends and family."

9. Extra Large Cashmere Scarf

For those cold days when it feels like you cannot swaddle your head in enough cashmere, this extra large scarf will come in handy. Made of 50% cashmere, 50% lambswool, and available in 6 colors.

Price: $77.00

Star Rating: 4.5

Amazon Review: "I love this scarf so much I'm going to go back and purchase the same thing in other colors. It does have a slightly strange smell when you first take it out of the packaging, but that is easily remedied. It is thick and warm. Large enough to double as a wrap on nights that are just slightly chilly. It really is a perfect large scarf (without being a "blanket" scarf). The cashmere is as expected, slightly scratchy but generally soft. I would recommend this scarf."

10. Weatherproof iPhone Case

This case will keep your phone bone dry in slushy winter downpours, while snow skiing, hanging in the jacuzzi, etc. And unlike many waterproof cases, this screen cover has a higher sensitivity meaning you won’t have to repeatedly jab the thing to take the photo.

Price: $29.00

Star Rating:

Amazon Review: “I tested it under the water for a few minutes,and it worked well. It can protect your phone very well even you drop your phone to the water. I can bring my phone with me when I go to water park. Very good product!”

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