As we head into December, it's time to tick off the last of your holiday shopping list. But what to give globetrotter on your list this year? Below are a few selections sure to suit any travel junkie.  

1. Enkloze KLASIK Aluminum Spinner

Aluminum suitcases, while awfully sharp in the looks department, do tend to dent easily. Some may find that only adds to the worn-in vibe while others will be put off by that. If you suspect your gift recipient may be in the latter camp, better stick to polycarbonate. Whatever you choose, it's recommended that you scrap zippered bags and instead go for one that clasps shut, as these are more difficult for would-be thieves to crack open.

The zipperless Enkloze Klasik is made of 100% aluminum alloy, features dual combination locks, and 4 rubber coated spinner wheels for silent movement. Choose between black or silver.

For something a slightly less splurge-y, the Samsonite Cruisair DLX Hardside Spinner is constructed of polycarbonate, with dual sliding clasps, TSA locks, and 4 spinner wheels.

Price: Enkloze Klasik ranges from $399 for the carry-on, $599 for the 24” suitcase, $699 for the 28”. The Samsonite Cruisair is $242.10.

Star Rating: Enkloze Klasik: 5, Samsonite Cruisair: N/A

Amazon Review of the Enkloze Klasik:Great quality all aluminum suitcase. It looks good and the fit and finish is extremely good. I tried and returned another brand that had a gold-color option, I feel the Enkloze brand is a much more solid (while still light weight) product.”

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera

Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone already has an 'instant' camera in their phones. But! There's something to be said for the one-off appeal of an instant film camera and the little souvenirs they make.

The Instax Mini adjusts flash and shutter speeds to match light levels, making it ideal for snapping moving subjects. Other cool features include a double exposure mode and macro mode. Available in black and brown.

Price: $119.95

Star Rating: 4.5 

Amazon Review: "Absolutely love the camera. I had initially purchased the Fujifilm instax 8 and decided to return it for this one instead. best thing I could have done. It not only has a nicer look but also more features. Takes great quality of photos."

3. OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It’s annoying to find that the clock radio in your hotel room is not up to date to dock your iPhone. Also annoying? Trying to MacGyver together some sort of speaker by angling your iPhone into an overturned cup. Sad! Keep your loved ones movin’ and groovin’ while traveling with a proper portable speaker.The water resistant OontZ connects via Bluetooth to your phone, tablet, or laptop. And at just under 10 ounces, the OontZ is easy to take along on any trip.

Price: $25.99

Star Rating:

Amazon Review:Best speaker I've ever purchased. Great sound, loud, battery lasts longer than any other speaker I've had. 4 months later, we ran it over - twice with Chevy 2500 & then the trailer. 🙁 GUESS WHAT! It still works! INCREDIBLE! I wish I could upload a video. Just bought 2 more!

4. A Journey in Style

Can’t seem to wait at the baggage carousel without being hounded mercilessly by photographers? No? Well, it happens to famous people constantly, all while being dressed to the nines, not a hair out of place. Are you relating at all? No? Well, your friends and family will still appreciate this collection of classic paparazzi photography featuring jet setting celebs moving through the world’s airports.

Price: $10.39

Star Rating: N/A

Amazon Review:

5. Wolfgang Tillmans: Concorde

For the traveler with an artist’s eye, this collection of images by famed photographer Wolfgang Tillmans captures the comings and goings of the Concorde in its final years. Originally published in 1997 and out of print until recently.  

Price: $30

Star Rating: N/A

Amazon Review: N/A

6. Cashmere Travel Set

How often are airplane blankets cleaned? Not as often as you’d hope. Don’t let your friends and family unknowingly snuggle against the collected foot funk of previous passengers. Give them a super soft (totally clean) blankie of their very own.

This cashmere travel blanket comes with matching eye mask, both of which fold to store in a matching cashmere zip case. Available in grey, heather taupe, or charcoal.

Price: $169

Star Rating: 4.5

Amazon Review: “We have a big trip coming up and I wanted/needed something to keep me warm cozy and comfortable on the plane as well as some lengthy car rides. This is WONDERFUL!! It is so soft and easy to pack in a tote or small carry on bag. It is also 1/2 the price of some of the other blanket sets that are the same in quality. This would also make a great gift!”

7. Trianium Atomic Pro Charging Case

As much as we may want to take a break from staring into our phones while on vacation, the truth is we probably rely on them, even more, to check maps, find restaurants, post photos, and other major battery-sucking tasks. When the battery percentage is in the single-digit danger zone, a quick recharge can really save the day.

The Trianium Atomic Pro is slimmer than many battery packs while still offering enough padding to protect from falls. Available to suit various iPhone models.

Price: $28.07

Star Rating: 4.5

Amazon Review:I have had other cases and this one is by far the best. While I loved my Mophie it made my phone heavy. This case is lightweight and I love the coverage. I dropped my phone on the sidewalk less than 24 hours after putting my phone in this case. It protected my phone and the case didn't even get a scratch on it. Best case by far.

8. Wide Angle Smartphone Lens

At some point we’ve probably all packed along our ‘real’ camera and realized, once on vacation, that it’s sooo much easier to just snap pics with our phones, rather than carry around some bulky extra thing.

The Pixter Smartphone Lens clips over the camera phone lens allowing for a wider field of vision while improving image clarity on par with that ‘real’ camera nobody wants to carry anymore.

Price: $25.99

Star Rating: N/A

9. Waterproof iPhone Case

For anyone who has ever lost a phone to the pool while trying to Instagram, this fully sealed waterproof case can be submerged underwater. Snap pics while snorkeling, surfing, and swimming. And unlike many waterproof cases, this screen cover has a higher sensitivity meaning you won’t have to repeatedly jab the thing to take the photo.

Price: $17.99

Star Rating: 4.3

Amazon Review:Great value for the money. Sturdy. The sides and hard but also silicone feel. I love the turning knob for the ringer and the wrist lanyard it came with. It uses that and it comes in handy when I’m wearing jeans that my phone doesn’t fit in my pocket lol. The fact that this case covers everything like the camera lens included is great. I’m one to drop my phone and with my luck, I’ve damaged my lens even with a case on but my lens wasn’t covered. Very happy and I’ve had new iPhone 11 users ask me about my case!

10. Southwest Airlines Gift Card

Gadgets and accessories are sure to please, though it’s hard to top the gift of travel itself. You’ll find many airlines offer gift cards which you can load with whatever amount of your choosing, and your recipient can put that towards future travel. We find the Southwest gift card to be the most user friendly option with fewer fees. Plus Southwest allows passengers two free checked bags, and tickets can always be rebanked for up to a year should plans change.

Price: $50 to $200

Star Rating: 4.5

Amazon Review:Purchased as a birthday gift for my mother law! Airline gift cards are always a hit and great gift idea!

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