How do you find your fares?

We continuously track airfare data. Every day, we cover thousands of routes, reporting on the very best deals. We take into account flight quality, optimizing for things like number of stops, flight time, length of stay, historical pricing, and weekend and holiday fares. The fares we find are for planners and procrastinators alike, with deals for last minute get-aways to six months out.

Our team of fare experts also scours for fares from the most popular airports and routes to catch the deals algorithms can’t (like unadvertised and airline website-only fares) and publish them in real time so we can alert our members.

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Does Airfarewatchdog get deals for all airlines?

Yes! We cover and report on all airlines—even the ones that don’t advertise on traditional travel booking sites. We publish the lowest fares when we find them in real time.”

How do you get coverage on all airlines?

We combine our data for broad coverage with our human fare experts to catch the deals algorithms can’t (like unadvertised and airline website-only fares).

Can I book fares through Airfarewatchdog?

No, but our travel experts include details on how to find the fare yourself, like price, airline and sample travel dates. Remember: The fares we list are often time-sensitive, so if you don’t score the deal you want, check back often. Prices are always changing.

I didn’t receive my booking confirmation. is not a booking website. We list the prices of the lowest fares, how our fare experts found them, and provide links to sites where you can ultimately book your travel.

If you’re having trouble finding the confirmation email from a booking site or airline, we suggest you first double check your spam filter and folders to make sure it was not misdirected or blocked. No luck? Try looking up your credit card's online transaction history. Your transaction history will contain the name of either the booking site or airline you used to book your trip.

Why can’t I find the fare you sent me?

While we do our best to send you deals as soon as we see them, airfares and hotel rates are subject to change without notice, as prices often fluctuate numerous times between posting and the actual date. We include blackout dates and the dates we found the fare available, because the lowest fares and room rates may not be available for all travel dates. To score the best deals, check your fare alerts and search often.

How do I change my account settings or unsubscribe?

You can do this by clicking the ‘My Alerts’ tab on our homepage or from the ‘Unsubscribe' and 'My Alerts’ links on the bottom of our emails. Once on your account settings page, you can unsubscribe yourself, add and delete individual alerts, as well as manage all of your other settings and preferences.

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