The holiday season is about a month away. Why not bring something new to the menu this year for your holiday festivities?  Below youll find some cookbooks to help you get started. What new dishes will you be making this holiday season?

Taste of Persia

Take your guests on a full expedition through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Kurdistan with this cookbook from Naomi Duguid. The book is filled with beautiful photographs and descriptions to help you recreate the delicious cuisine from these countries.  Many of the Amazon reviews speak highly of the book as a great introduction to Persian cuisine through easy-to-follow recipes and ingredients.

What we’ve heard: "For an introduction to Persian cuisine, pick up Naomi Duguid’s new cookbook. Through rich storytelling and recipes from her travels, Duguid explores the culinary heritage that unites Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kurdistan."—Food & Wine

Find it here on Amazon.

Fine French Desserts: Essential Recipes and Techniques 

Impress your guests this season with classic pastries and fancy cakes with a French flair. This cookbook explains how to make more than 260 recipes step by step with in-depth explanations that just about anyone can master. If you start practicing now, you’ll be at pastry chef level before the holidays.

What we’ve heard: "Whether you’re an amateur or a veteran in the kitchen, the 20 interactive videos and helpful photographs along with explanations will make you look like a brilliant baker. "—France Magazine

Find it in hardcover here.

Voilà!: The Effortless French Cookbook

We’ve got your desserts covered with number two, so now let’s get a few French entrées in your arsenal. This easy-to-follow cookbook helps cooks create effortless classic, simple, and seasonal recipes. If you’re curious about the skill level required, the book gives you a sample crème brulèe recipe to try. 

What we’ve heard: "The book you need to cook like a French lady, with the best of French traditional family style dishes in a beautiful and witty guide."—Florence Mars, author of Say Bonjour to the Lady

Start prepping here.

From the Source - Italy

Avoid picking up something from Olive Garden and make something authentically Italian for your family instead. From the Source is a cookbook series from Lonely Planet that highlights some of the world’s most authentic cuisines.  This edition focuses on Italy and offers classic recipes, stories, and tips from everyone from street-vendor chefs to those who own five-star restaurants.

What we’ve heard: "Lonely Planet guides are, quite simply, like no other.”—New York Times

Grab your copy here.

Southern Holidays: A Savor the South Cookbook

Visited New Orleans or Charleston this year? Bring some of those flavors to the table. This cookbook from Debbie Moose captures all of the South’s holiday food traditions in one place. The cookbook branches out across different regions and cultures of the South.

What we’ve heard: "Engrossing . . . a highly personal introduction to some of the history and cultural background that make Southern holiday feasts unique." —Tennessee Libraries

Buy it now here.  

Beyond the Great Wall

Another great book from Naomi Duguid takes cooks on a tasteful adventure through China. This cookbook goes beyond the basics of what we think of as Chinese food and explores unique dishes from places like Tibet.   As she does in her Tastes of Persiabook, Duguid also includes stories and photos to help cooks really get a sense of what they are making.

What we’ve heard: "Another brilliant book by this wonderful team. An insight into the other China. Brilliant writing, photos and recipes." —Garuda, Amazon reviewer

Get it here.

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