Q. We have tickets to fly British Airways to London in mid January and are obviously concerned about this strike. Do you imagine this strike will continue very long? Also, we didn't buy trip insurance but are considering doing so now. Wouldn't an incident like this be covered by trip insurance?

A. I'd be surprised if they don't work something out, since a strike at this time of year would be devastating financially for BA. But if your flight is cancelled because of the strike, BA is offering full refunds, and may try to book passengers on another airline, subject to availability of course.

Travel insurance companies will not issue new policies protecting against a strike on BA, now that a strike has been voted. Insurers will, however, cover non-refundable losses, such as a non-refundable hotel reservation or other expenses, in the event that a passenger's trip is cancelled or delayed.

If, however, a passenger decides not to take a chance on flying with BA during the strike period, and decides to buy a ticket on another airline instead, the cost of this new ticket would not be covered.

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