Q. Several years ago I read in the New York Times that airlines were considering offering flights where some passengers would stand rather than sit, presumably allowing airlines to cram more people into their planes. Has this concept moved forward, or was it just a hoax?  

A. As far as I know, no airline yet offers this “product” but two airlines are considering the idea. Shanghai-based Spring Airlines intends to pursue it with Chinese regulatory authorities. Spring argues that passenger demand in China is growing faster than its ability to receive new aircraft deliveries, and that Airbus has indicated that standing passengers can be flown safely. Ryanair (of course) has been reported to seek similar approval from the Irish Aviation Authority. 

What about you? Would you be okay with standing for the duration of a flight? Short commutes would be one thing, but we imagine red eyes would be a bit of a drag. Call us when someone outfits a plane with beanbags and Snuggies.  

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