If you’ve started to smell pumpkin at the cafe or maybe seen a few leaves change color, you know fall is here. It’s a great time to travel and see the leaves change, or experience a weekend in a cabin. Here are some necessities that will help you enjoy your fall adventures.

Choose the Right Layers

Layer up during this time of year for most destinations—the Northeast is a must. You’re going to want to bring multiple options, especially in New England where temperatures tend to go back and forth throughout fall. Opt for a basic tee to wear under a nice long sleeve flannel or button down. If you happen to be going where snow has already started, bring thicker sweaters and maybe snow pants.

Stay Dry

If you’re traveling to a location where you are going to be walking around, make sure to bring rain gear. Try a well-made coat that will be wind- and water-proof or resistant. If you plan to bring an umbrella go for a sturdy wind-proof one. In a city, wind tunnels are everywhere— you’ll appreciate paying a little more for a strong umbrella.

Don’t Forget Your Coat

A nice fall trench or pea coat should keep you warm. If snow is in the forecast (it happens as early as September in some parts of the U.S.) make sure to bring a long down or wool coat. Planning to hike in snow-covered areas? Bring a thick coat that's wind- and water-proof or resistant.

Boots That Are Made for More Than Walking

Depending on where you're traveling, you might want to bring a pair of hiking boots. If you’re going on a fall foliage adventure, you might have to do a bit of climbing to get the best view of the leaves changing. Many small towns that you head through might have a few hiking trails you’ll want to take advantage of.

Take Advantage of the Extra Apples and Pumpkins

Depending on where you visit, you may find yourself with an abundance of apples, pumpkins, or other fall favorites. Invest in a fall cookbook or check out some of these recipes from Delish

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