Traveling abroad can be a life-changing and enriching experience. You’ll still want to stay connected to your friends and loved ones, however, but when you’re abroad it can sometimes be hard to stay connected due to Wi-Fi and cellular restrictions. Below are five easy ways to stay connected.

Unlocked Phones

Heading out of North America? You might want get an unlocked phone. With an unlocked phone you can pop in just about any local SIM card to get the same rates as locals. Amazon has quite the selection for all budgets. If you just need the basics, opt for a phone like the BLU R1 HD retails for $60 with Amazon ads (ads on your lock screen) and $110 without. If you want something with a better camera and more multimedia capabilities, go for an unlocked iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone.

Amazon Echo Show

With the Amazon Echo Show, friends and family can receive video calls from you via the Alexa app. They can also call you from their Echo Show at home. It’s a great way to stay connected, and is so simple kids can use it. You can also set up an Echo Show throughout your home and “drop in” to see how things are going. Learn more about it here.

FaceTime Video

Apple fans unite. You can use FaceTime video to connect with anyone over Wi-Fi as long as both parties have a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. The software is pretty simple to use and standard with all Apple devices that feature a camera. If you’re doing it over data, keep it short: Video calls quickly drain a data plan.  

Skype Video

One of the simplest ways to stay connected abroad is Skype. Skype works on almost every internet-connected device. You can also buy Skype credit and make phone calls to landlines and mobile phones.

Pocket Wi-Fi

If you are worried about keeping connected while traveling, make sure to purchase a mobile hotspot before your trip. Our Favorite is Teppy. It’s available in many different countries and allows you to rent a wireless hotspot for around $9 a day. Frequent travelers may opt to purchase a device for $99 and pay $8 a day. 

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