We're used to keeping check on how much our luggage weighs. But how much pee weighs? Nope. Can't say that's something we've ever stopped to ponder. Apparently, the weight of 168 full bladders can put a real strain (we guess?) on aircraft, in an industry eager to reduce carbon emissions. The first to take action against bulky bladders is Japanese carrier ANA (All Nippon Airways), who recently announced their plans to post special restroom agents at gates to encourage passengers to go before boarding.

If that strikes you as a tad excessive, let's not forget previous efforts to reduce weight, such as scrapping airline magazines and seat back entertainment devices. Every little bit helps, right? As long as ANA doesn't start policing the food court, knocking our traditional pre-flight Auntie Anne's pretzel out of our mouths or stealing our Diet Coke when we aren't looking, we'll be okay.

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