Q. Last week I purchased two tickets for $580 to travel from Savannah to Phoenix. Today I saw the exact same flights on the exact same days for sale for $240! Is there anyway I can get the difference back on my tickets, which of course are non-refundable? Thank you for any suggestions you can give me.

A. You can definitely get something back, but how much depends on the airline you're flying. Southwest, JetBlue, and Alaska would give you a voucher or credit in the entire fare drop amount, good for future travel, without deducting a fee or "service charge." But from the looks of things, those airlines don't serve Savannah to Phoenix, so you're probably on an airline that will refund the price drop, but only after deducting a ticket reissue or change fee of $75 to $150. We hope you bought on Airtran since they only charge $75; United, US Air, Delta, and American charge $150 to "re-fare" domestic tickets and even more for international ones. In any event, since the price drop was so large in your case, you'll get a credit back no matter what airline you're on.

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