Q. I was just told by my daugter last weekend that she is getting married in Las Vegas on September 9. My wife and I are DESPERATELY trying to find a way out of Asheville, NC on September 8 to Las Vegas and return to Asheville the next day. How can we find a reasonable rate? Seriously, any advice you could give would be most appreciated. Again, love your site.

A. First of all, if the Wedding is Sept 9, please puhleeez don't plan to fly in on Sept 8! Have you read Dear American Airlines (the very funny but heartbreaking novel)? If not, please do and you'll see why you don't want to take chances with your daughter's wedding. It only happens once in a lifetime. Plan to arrive at least two days before the date in case your flight is cancelled and there's no alternative way to get there.

What time of day is the wedding? If it's not at night, you might consider this option from Travelocity TotalTrip:

This is flight plus two nights hotel for $385 all taxes included.

Even if you don't need the hotel, it might be the cheapest option.

However, it's going to much cheaper to drive the 100 miles to Charlotte and fly from there.

Airtran and Northwest currently have tax-included fares of about $280 roundtrip.

Have a great event! Throw some rice for us!

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