Q. Why aren't you listing fares to Europe anymore? Seems like lately all your international fares are to Canada, and sometimes Asia.

A. Of course, one person's "high" is another's bargain, but we're noticing that airfares to Europe, even for dead of winter travel, are much higher than they were for summer travel when the airlines had some sales earlier this year. Perhaps the most frequent question we get in the Airfarewatchdog Q&A mailbox is, "Why aren't you listing fares to Europe anymore?" Trust us, we'd love to, and we have been searching for you, but because we saw tax-included summer fares to Europe this past spring in the $500's, $400's, $300's, and yes, even the $200's, we just can't get all that excited about today's fall/winter fares in the $700's and $600's. Of course, it's true that the airlines have cut back flights to Europe for travel after Labor Day, and perhaps the reduced seat capacity allows them to charge more. Perhaps $600 winter fares to Europe are the new reality. But somehow we doubt it. We are loathe to predict airfares. We'll leave that to our fellow airfare pundits--the ones with the turbans and working crystal balls-- but at current prices, can there be much downside to waiting for the next shoulder season or winter season seat sale to Europe?

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