Q. I purchased an incredible fare on Delta's website to Europe for fall. The thing is, Delta forgot to include the fuel surcharges (that's why it was so incredible!), and the error was corrected several hours later. My question is, can I be denied boarding at the gate for not paying the surcharge? It seems to me that it was Delta's mistake and I shouldn't be penalized for their error. Any ideas?

A. Ah yes, we remember that little mistake fondly. Delta's forgotten fuel surcharge gave us some really really amazing fares to Europe for late summer and fall. We're talking New York to Zurich, Madrid, and Dublin for around $220 to $260 round-trip, including taxes! There were plenty more too! Anyhoo, as far as we know, Delta honored all of these little boo-boo fares.

Usually airlines will honor these types of 'Fat Finger Fares' as they are called. Of course there was an incident last winter when Northwest didn't honor $75 tickets between Minneapolis and Phoenix. Seems a little Scrooge-ish to us, as it's not like it was $7.50 or anything.

You might also remember back when Aer Lingus sold those $8 business class fares between the US and Ireland. Upon realizing their mistake, they canceled those bookings, but folks made such a stink about it that Aer Lingus finally agreed to fly those few hundred passengers, but in economy rather than business.

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